Participants from around the world are celebrating the decision not to cancel zone bridge. This means that the friendships that have been forged for years can continue. However, we are hoping that when you launch the new site this summer it will be very much like our beloved classic zone bridge. Key features that set this game miles apart from any of the others (and we have tried them all recently) are the ability to chat in the lobby, the bots, the friends list (and zone messaging) and the scoring records. If you could leave it exactly as is - you would hear cheering from every corner of the world, every Province in Canada and every State in the Union. Please don’t tamper with these features for the new game. It is essential to keep these to differentiate zone bridge from the pale competitors out there. Thank you for listening.
Sheila Willis (I play as Digger5277)

Did you know: if you start spending your fourths of July in the Adirondacks at your great-grandparents’ old house, with little but a radio on hand for entertainment, but well within range of Ottawa AOR border blasters, you wind up listening to a LOT of Saga.

Great jam, eh!


I haven’t been watching much NJPW lately - my own slacking, no other reason - but this, Ricochet/Kushida in the finals of the Best of the Super Juniors 2014 tournament, is maybe my match of the year at this point.

Ricochet’s unbelievably smooth, of course, everybody knows that, but Kushida is just amazing here, destroying the arm and constantly trying to set up his kimura. No wasted moves - even the crazy aerial shit makes perfect sense in context. And there’s a lot of crazy aerial shit.

Imagine my excited/terrified “AAAAH” during the space flying tiger drop spot and then get ready for 20 more minutes of that. A million stars.



Lumidee, “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)” (Top 40 debut: 6/21/03, chart peak: #3)

Her second biggest hit? A hip-hop remake of Patrick Swayze’s “She’s Like The Wind” that just missed the Top 40 here, but did real well in Belgium.

(on The Crunking & The Crying: Early ’00s Gold!)

in these parts we’ve been abiding by a strict “diwali riddim autoreblog” policy since ‘02

file under: actually great songs we found out about this weekend on the houseboat



this video is something else

one of the few baltimore channels that comes in on BOAT TV is this one local simulcast of “zuus country.” so we’ve been watching that all weekend when not at deathfest

anyway, song of the year - this or dierks bentley’s “drunk on a plane” anyway

The roommates are an Architect, Rolfer, dancer, and two small cuddly cats. All of us(including the cats) have a mindfulness/meditation practice, and keep the apartment clean, clear and full of good vibes.

We are looking to live with someone with a serious somatic awareness, mindfulness or meditation practice that also happens to be slightly crazy/genius and has a huge heart. This explains all of us pretty well. We are far from austere or perfect individuals, we just choose to mitigate the stress of daily life with increasing awareness instead of checking out with drugs or alcohol. We would love to have the mutually beneficial momentum and support of another like-minded individual. We make delicious food all the time, and have a wonderful family dynamic.

about the room: its weird. it has a skylight which opens, but might take some finagleing to do so. it has a window, a HUGE one, BUT the window does not face the outside. it faces the hallway- which also has a huge skylight…so you get sunlight through the window, but not because you are looking outside. that being said- AC units would be an issue in the summer. there is a light fixture which currently has nothing attached to is and which we think a ceiling fan could be installed. so….these are all the reasons why the room is so cheap for this location. oh- it also has no closet. but people have solved that in the past by putting an armoire in there or a clothing rack






He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
April 28th, 2014

Last night, Bray Wyatt and some guests made John Cena (and the majority of the RAW audience)supremely uncomfortable. I haven’t seen anyone so unsettled by small children since I watched Village of the Damned.

cbeamsglitter this is the wrestler-backwoods-cult leader wrestling stable I told you about.

oh man

wrestling is a thing i never, ever thought i’d be interested in that is seeming more and more like something i could potentially be very interested in

(at the very least, the theatrics of it all seems pretty awesome)

oh man i really like what they’re doing with bray wyatt

he’s like a successful IRL reboot of the failed Boogeyman wrestler from years ago

This is amazingly creepy holy shit

The video is a bit flashy in spots for the record.

unsurprisingly i have a ton of thoughts on bray wyatt but just to note: this feud would be SO FUCKING STUPID if bray weren’t such a great promo