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to quote my mom the other day: “well, people here are fucking terrible

I saw Bell Biv Devoe last night at the NY State Fair, and this was the highlight of their often-great, often-baffling set.

I guess this is one of the lesser singles by a group that had a bunch of amazing ones, but last night, in the middle of the biggest crowd ever at the fair, this sounded great - woozy and slowed-down, Ricky Bell’s still-powerful voice cutting through the humid evening. In 1993 Babyface was right in the middle of one of the great musical hot streaks ever, and in hindsight this is one hell of a song.

Bonus points for the lion cub (!) and Michael Bivins somehow managing to stay off the toilet the entire time.

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To the Editor:

As a senior citizen, I’m disappointed again this year with the performers that were at Chevy Court on Senior days. Not since Peter Cappuccilli have we had any great names on Senior Days. During his reign as fair director, we had two outstanding shows, one at 2 p.m. and the same one at 7 p.m.

I’ve checked and there are still great performers out there still performing today — the Four Aces (not the originals), Paul Anka, Brenda Lee, and Bobby Vinton, to name a few. Is it they don’t want to spend the money to bring in these performers? Why is it they are always catering to the younger crowd? Do they think seniors don’t spend money? WRONG.

The senior population now is much older, I for one, would enjoy a local band like Stan Colella playing music from the ’50s and early ’60s instead of what we have been getting.

I haven’t been to the Fair in a few years, not even on Senior days. Until they get some music or performers that will bring back memories, I won’t be back.

Scott Weiland -- Massive Cop Screw Up In Doppelganger Meth Arrest | TMZ.com

"nope, i think our url slug’s fine as is…why?"

Secondly, from a technical stand point, strategically with the ongoing WICB regional youth competition being played in Guyana, and the National Stadium, Providence, as a venue, automatically, the playing area at the stadium, would have a billiard like surface, meaning passes would come on faster.
As such Alpha should have resorted to training on an asphalted surface (concrete) where the ball would come on faster. And please don’t mention physical damage to joints, since perusal of an Ajax of Amsterdam, Netherlands training manual would indicate training on asphalted surface! Footwear, in terms of turf boots should have also being taken into consideration towards maintaining proper equilibrium, especially the cricket pitch area that is almost devoid of grass with descending dew!

The ongoing G-1 Climax is being rightly hailed as one of the best pro wrestling tournaments ever, and nothing’s been better than this AJ Styles/Minoru Suzuki match from Friday night in Tokyo. An easy match of the year so far, and maybe the best of the last several years - it’s better than Ricochet/Kushida, for sure, and in hindsight it’s better than any of the great Tanahashi/Okada matches of the last couple years, I think. Just about everything here is crisp and well-executed - even the interference makes sense in context, and perfectly sets up the second half of the match.

Mostly it’s the subtlety that sets this apart from the two dozen or so great NJPW matches of the last week. There’s a moment midway through when Styles does the signature index-finger-to-the-temple pose of his Bullet Club faction next to a fallen Suzuki, and you can just see it as soon as Suzuki opens his eyes: the fucking temerity of this guy. From that point forward there’s some truly innovative submission work, Suzuki trying his damnedest to break the offending finger clean off, Styles somehow finding a reversal every time, both guys’ faces locked in rictuses of anger.

I have to cop to never having been much of a Styles fan, but his work in NJPW has been superb. If it’s sometimes been hard to understand his appeal in the past, it’s never been more apparent than it is here. Suzuki’s easy to understand, meanwhile, and his late-career renaissance has been such a pleasure. If you enjoy watching a mean guy with a reverse mohawk kicking the shit out of some poor dude, watch his match against Togi Makabe the other night, which is certainly the Styles match’s equal in terms of brutality. Also watch his rematch against the dreaded MECHA MUMMY, just in case you think there’s something weirdly humorless about the guy.

Mostly, though, watch this. Especially if you think you won’t like it. This is everything great that pro wrestling can be.




Oregon Manifest have a competition running to select an urban utility bike to be put into production by Fuji Bikes. This is a great example of innovation happening in the bike world outside of the arena of competitive cycling with bikes that make sense for commuting, hauling your shopping as well as going for a joyride. It’s worth spending time with the showcase videos and hopefully it provides a window into what we might be seeing at our local bike stores in the near future. Which one is your favourite?

I’m happy to see that the Chicago team isn’t the only one that totally fucked this up. These are all bad and their designers should feel bad.

I understand how the past winter (esp. in upper midwest cities like MSP, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Chicago) could inspire one to design a bike that handle that noise like a Marshall tank, but really, if my wimpy self could bike through everything besides -20ºC temperatures on a Kona Honky Tonk, then surely most folks looking to bike through winter could make it by just adding disc brakes to a Surly Long Haul Trucker or something. The carbon drive belt is a dope idea, too, but the baskets are ugly as sin, with the front one liable to throw someone off-balance. The kickstands are nigh useless, especially in snow/ice/uneven surfaces, and don’t get me started on the handlebars. What the Chicago team DID get right is a slanted top tube for riders who feel like wearing a dress/skirt instead of pants every day. The average prototype of the Ultimate Winter Urban Bike® or whatever just reminds me of a bad concept car.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

"imagine this as a fuji production model" is also a hilarious mental exercise fwiw

The Forgotten Man in Obama's America | Sarah Palin Channel

i’m guessing there aren’t so many big “gold diggers of 1933” fans at the sarah palin channel

posies were on some other shit circa frosting on the beater, specifically the snare/guitar breakdown

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