i take that back! sicodélico is the one who rules 

(via Lucha Libre Magaine Covers Of The 1970s | Flashbak)

i take that back! sicodélico is the one who rules

(via Lucha Libre Magaine Covers Of The 1970s | Flashbak)

Hakeem Olajuwon couldn’t believe he got into that fight with Antonio McDyess. “I fell into the trap of Satan,” he said. “My reaction was in the heat of the moment. It was Satan at work and I gave in. I thought I’d learned to control my emotions as I got older. It shows none of us is immune.” As for being fined and suspended, Olajuwon said, “I was happy the league did what it did.”

Asked his take on Olajuwon’s position, Charles Barkley said: “Satan? I live the life of Satan. Satan’s one of my brothers: Darrell, John and Satan.”



The CIA funding art in the 50s doesn’t mean that that art is inherently reactionary! It means the government thought they could use it to repurpose an old aesthetic ideology to consolidate cultural power! And it didn’t really work in a concentrated way!

#knowing who funded what…

can’t wait for 30 years from now when we’ll be reading the same posts about the nefarious connection between leroy neiman and the NFL

Just imagining the guy who came up with the phrase “Pro Wrestlers and Pizza Experts” kicking his feet up on his desk at 9:03 am - welp, my work here is done.

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'Prudes' next to us at the Air Supply concert ruined our night (Your letters) | syracuse.com

to quote my mom the other day: “well, people here are fucking terrible

I saw Bell Biv Devoe last night at the NY State Fair, and this was the highlight of their often-great, often-baffling set.

I guess this is one of the lesser singles by a group that had a bunch of amazing ones, but last night, in the middle of the biggest crowd ever at the fair, this sounded great - woozy and slowed-down, Ricky Bell’s still-powerful voice cutting through the humid evening. In 1993 Babyface was right in the middle of one of the great musical hot streaks ever, and in hindsight this is one hell of a song.

Bonus points for the lion cub (!) and Michael Bivins somehow managing to stay off the toilet the entire time.

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To the Editor:

As a senior citizen, I’m disappointed again this year with the performers that were at Chevy Court on Senior days. Not since Peter Cappuccilli have we had any great names on Senior Days. During his reign as fair director, we had two outstanding shows, one at 2 p.m. and the same one at 7 p.m.

I’ve checked and there are still great performers out there still performing today — the Four Aces (not the originals), Paul Anka, Brenda Lee, and Bobby Vinton, to name a few. Is it they don’t want to spend the money to bring in these performers? Why is it they are always catering to the younger crowd? Do they think seniors don’t spend money? WRONG.

The senior population now is much older, I for one, would enjoy a local band like Stan Colella playing music from the ’50s and early ’60s instead of what we have been getting.

I haven’t been to the Fair in a few years, not even on Senior days. Until they get some music or performers that will bring back memories, I won’t be back.

Scott Weiland -- Massive Cop Screw Up In Doppelganger Meth Arrest | TMZ.com

"nope, i think our url slug’s fine as is…why?"

Secondly, from a technical stand point, strategically with the ongoing WICB regional youth competition being played in Guyana, and the National Stadium, Providence, as a venue, automatically, the playing area at the stadium, would have a billiard like surface, meaning passes would come on faster.
As such Alpha should have resorted to training on an asphalted surface (concrete) where the ball would come on faster. And please don’t mention physical damage to joints, since perusal of an Ajax of Amsterdam, Netherlands training manual would indicate training on asphalted surface! Footwear, in terms of turf boots should have also being taken into consideration towards maintaining proper equilibrium, especially the cricket pitch area that is almost devoid of grass with descending dew!